Monday, December 11, 2006

Fun poem : Pleasant fings!

* * *
In a life - so few pleasant things:

Bowl of a hot rich russian cabbage soup,

To be wetted from a balcony on different people,

Fuck pair beautiful girl,

All - to wake up in hang-over terrible,

Fur coats sable to give prostitutes,

To steal in a dining room milk and cutlets,

To Crimea to reach three together without tickets,

Shy to look on beautiful girl journal,

Sex vaginalus, and also analus,

On pigeons shoot from rogatka,

To march with the automatic device and in skatka,

To the friend to become hollow in four o'clock mornings,

Stick a potato to roll from a fire,

To run on a wood with a three-coloured small lamp,

To burst to little girls on holidays balls,

In a duty from the friend to take three thousands for a long time,

Suddenly without the reason to go to Volga,

To drink self-race, to hasten on appointment,

To write off before English the task,

Muzzle in salad to meet New Year,

To a bath to go " for rich misters ",

Long to bathe in a pond on a cylinder,

To sleep in Thai massage interior,

Physics in May again to shirk,

In years on a flamingo a doublet to shoot,

To recollect separation with smile strange,

Film to look about love foreign,

To get above all on a curve pine,

Foolishly to fall in love with the another's wife,

Marks of colonies in an album to collect,

At night in a teacher's room secretly ga-ga,

In Brisbane to devour fried eggs with bacon,

Stamp to receive about divorce lawful,

From below to little girls to look on cowards,

To fry with a peas a piece of sausage,

Songs at an entrance to shout under a guitar,

To listen Deep Purple, Beatles and "shizgara" (she is gared),

To live to Goa, but to be a fan of "Milan",

To see, that dik you as wild costs,

That in birth day have bought "designer",

That the parachute was confused by the instructor,

To make of a tube a shooting pestle,

To blow among wedding to the casual bride,

To jump on a umbrella in small river from the bridge,

To meet in Paris an alive Tail,

Mug to pour in the beer device,

To open a bayonet-knife to bank of sprat in a tomato,

To jump out drunk in tears on a frost,

Again to appear with bouket roses,

The porno to look and fucking it is severe,

To drink with children from "Bloddown",

To sleep with strange-girl under sighes volume-Wayts,

Hang-overing on everything, that is available,

To cure a gonorrhea and going across Nice,

In a grey dressing gown leave from hospital,

At night a champagne to drink in Koktebel,

To sing under plate Vano Muradely,

To be washed off with the company from restaurant,

To pull off for a day four emergency brakes,

To jump off in flowers on a steppe substation,

Jeans to buy from the gray-haired Italian,

To go somewhere five days a self-locking device,

To howl under Mails Davice malicious syncopes,

"Dik" by the machine a nail to write,

Two karatekas on dances not be afraid,

Vodka to have a snack a back from tulka (litle fish),

In a rain, in three mornings to phone up to Mary,

To pull from small river a hook with a crucian,

Here, unfortunately, in general, and all,

That involves me on a life,

All rest - believe - хуйня (fuck-bad fings ),

The life consists of spots and ticks,

In a life - so few pleasant things!

* * *

To be continue...