Sunday, December 17, 2006

Google Sandbox

It may help you avoid Google's sandbox effect

Concept "sandbox" Google rather new (has appeared in 2004), but already known to everyone webmasters before which there is a problem of promotion of a site in sickle Google though there is other contingent webmasters which with confidence speak that the sandbox is invented not skilled optimizaters. At many optimizaters the given theme of vital topics, that Google - the indisputable leader among search systems.
The parity of visitors which come on a site owing to white optimization, differs from a site to a site, but as a whole the statistics is those: a parity of visitors MSN against Yahoo: 1 to 5-8; a parity of visitors Yahoo against Google: 1 by 15-20. S
andbox Google - it is result of action of filters which do not allow new sites, and in some cases and existing rather long time in a network, under any conditions to borrow high position on key expressions. Company Google officially never confirmed, but also did not deny, presence such pessimization. Most likely, Google thus tries to clear a sickle of huge quantity of a spam, in turn having given interested user not some minute doorways, a spam of resources and it is simple sites which move ahead on the first lines of a sickle dirty methods, and actual at present the information. In a sandbox recently registered domains get practically all. Time of a finding in a sandbox cannot be defined precisely since there are no standards, and accordingly for each resource this period passes on - to the . Cases of a finding of a site in a sandbox as 5 months and 8 are noticed. The output certainly is, easier to buy from the third parties domains registered several years ago, on idea the “oldest” the domain, the more Google trusts information which is placed on the given domain. As there is an opinion, that as in a sandbox the new domain as it is quickly possible from it quickly gets and to get out. Aggressive optimization is necessary for this purpose, namely “ a link a spam ” putting down of references to the site where only is possible in huge quantities, achieving that boat Google has more often come across references which conduct on the domain in a sandbox. The truth in this case is probability on the automatic device to get Ban.

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