Thursday, December 14, 2006

Google: rules of ranking (the generalized list)

All that you will read through below - the assumptions, the qualified opinions SEO of web designers meeting at corresponding forums.

All of them are conditionally grouped in four groups:

1. The positive factors which are being on page

2. Negative factors on page

3. Positive external factors

4. Negative external factors

1. The positive factors which are being on page
(Note: some of these factors, being broken, INSTANTLY become negative factors)

1. Keyword in URL

2. Keyword in domain name
(If keyword - a word-combination - words in a name of the domain will be divided by a hyphen.)

3. Keyword in "Title" - is closer to the beginning

4. Keyword in "description"

5. Density keywords in the text of a body of page (4-8% recomended)

6. Keyword in H1, H2 or H3

7. Word order in a keyword-phrase
(Define inquiry - coordinate a word order)

8. Keyword in references to pages of a site (anchor text)

9. References To internal pages
(The reference should contain keyword. Use names with hyphens - but not long)

10. Tree-like structure of references
(Two clicks to any page - is deeper than any pages than 4 clicks google search yahoo)

11. Corresponding references between pages of a low level
( references should be not only from an index to section and from section to subitems, and and between pages of subitems )

12. Refer only to good sites. Check survivability of external references. Periodically. Do less 100 external links

13. Hyphens in URL
(Preferable method of a designation of a blank
One or two - it is excellent for division keywords. Four or more - it is bad, starts to resemble the SPAM

14. Frequent updatings - frequent arrival googlebot

15. LSI
(The latent semantic indexation (Latent Semantic Indexing) - the assumption, any proofs)

16. Length URL - do it's minimal

Note: for ALL positive factors which are being on page, listed above, PAGE RANK can REJECT all of them.

2. The prospective negative factors which are being on page

1. The text is presented only in a graphic kind
( the text presented graphically - is invisible for поисковиковесть )

2. Over optimization penalty (OOP)

3. References to a bad environment
(do not forget to check position in Google each site on what put the reference - periodically. The site can become "bad", and you will be punished, even if it is more than anything with the site do not do.)

4. Redirect
(do not send the серферов on other page a different way except for as they will press the corresponding reference..)

5. Vile language - ethnic adverbs
( including George Karlina's 7 words which you cannot say on TV )

6. Excessive linked with sites from one block subnetwork class C (
( if you have many sites with the same web host, prolific linked can signal about their general owner and loss of democratic character in a web voting )

7. Theft of a content

8. Conformity keywords
( concerns the big number untied keywords on page which reduce thematic conformity of page and reduce importance of your rather important keywords. )

9. Javascript - do not use for concealment of links

10.Use of frames
( spidering sites is problematic, when on a site frames)

11. Link from one pixel - don't do it

12. The invisible text - don't do it

13. Infringements HTML of a code
( has no value - Google advises to not do it )

3. Prospective POSITIVE factors outside of page

1. Page Rank - PR
(Is based on quantity and quality of references to your page well, on PR it is possible not to write one book, PR - a basis of nature Google, its weight it is huge (though nobody knows, how many in %, but it is a lot of - much; that the reference from page with relevant contained and high PR without ceremony will move ALL factors of optimization which can be used on page - the fact)

2. Total of links.
( the factor is useful only at studying competitors, Live=MSN in general gives out number of references to the order (even two sometimes) exceeding data of the others, Yahoo - an optimum variant. )
google search yahoo

3. Entering references from page with PR 4 and above
( Now listing backlinks a site in Google looks similar on casually made, often changes. Now Google, apparently, shows and backlinks from pages with PR and below 4 )

4. Acceleration of escalating of links popularity
( Filter Sandbox. If references to a site appear quickly - the site means offers super a new unique content. Both this content, accordingly, and has relevance! But! And if references with GUESTBOOK? Google already knows google search yahoo. And if bought? Google already knows. Therefore and Sandbox. )

5. PR on a referring page
(It is based on quality of links to you.
Listing Google backlinks it is astable.

6. The text in the links to you.
(Contains keyword, or a key phrase?
The result №1 does not require the SERP at all available keywords on page, IN GENERAL!!!

7. Quantity of proceeding links on a referring page.
(The it is less - the better. It does your page of more important.)

8. Position of the link on a referring page.
(The earlier in HTML a code - the better.)

9. A referring page - other theme?
(If the theme distinct from or is not connected by yours absolutely not - worse.)

10. The reference is executed JavaScript?
(It is problematic - attempt to hide the link?
That Google perceives some simple kinds Javascript of link - the fact, that on them is transferred PR - my supervision - Yes

Staff who have shaken the world

Attention! The given post is not intended for viewing juvenile and persons with weak mentality.

In second half XX centuries the mankind has learned two terrible word-combinations -" world terrorism " and " technogenic accident "... Since 60th years of the last century in this world one behind another the cosmodromes and factories, trains and planes, houses and nuclear reactors blow up...

On SEPTEMBER, 11th – WAR WITHOUT RULES. America did not know such tragedy never... The most terrible nightmares Were executed... Manhattan, 8 hours of 44 minutes of morning on September, 11th, 2001, one minute prior to tragedy.

8.45 - the first airplane ran into one of towers of the World shopping center. On the staff it is visible, as the second flies up..
One of towers in height in 110 floors is rammed through...
Explosion and at once strong fire. Last who has answered by phone from the top floors, has cried out " We die! "
On perimeter of "towers-twins" there has passed a series of powerful explosions...
Fire was pulled out outside. The top of a building "fails" inside of the basis...

Two highest buildings of the World shopping center have failed, having held on there is less than hour... Similar should not repeat.