Sunday, February 4, 2007

–°ountdown custom myspace

Seven from countdown custom myspace ten American girls-teenagers in the age of from 15 till 17 years have registration record in any social network; boys of the same age here hardly there is more than countdown myspace pregnancy half – 57 %, researchers of project countdown flash generator myspace have found out.
That is interesting calendar countdown myspace, the percent of popularity of social networks practically does not depend on race and a financial position of families. « The majority of teenagers study countdown myspace table in the public life which are passing in such networks, and it to be frequent it would be desirable its part.
The code birthday countdown myspace majority of the American teenagers uses MySpace – them of 90 %. Registration records in christmas code countdown myspace have got 6 %, and on countdown graphic myspace – only one of hundred. Boys, in turn, flirtation more interests clock countdown myspace new years. 32 % of a man's half of interrogated advanced age use countdown myspace tag for this purpose, against 14 % of girls. On the purposes of use of box countdown myspace, half has answered « search of new friends ».
However countdown custom myspace, as marks Thomas Bollen, it not countdown event myspace search of casual friends, and acquaintance to friends to those whom the teenager already knows. However, data about safety issues christmas countdown myspace timer while are reflected in the report not completely. Though private messages in christmas countdown free myspace are widespread enough, 90 % on a cool countdown myspace write to friends on "wall", that is, to a personal tape. Quite often countdown myspace profile here there is also an information on appointed meetings which everyone to whom the tape is accessible can read through.

Clock countdown myspace poll are received during interrogation of 935 American teenagers in the age of from 12 till 17 years. The clock countdown myspace new year – plus-minus of 3,7 %, was informed by agency NewsWorld Press.

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Tour of Canberra

Tour of Canberra - at once I wish to tell to everyone who doubts - do not doubt! Yes, to fly long and rather dearly.. But even on such directions there are discounts and special offers of airlines when the air ticket can be bought in area 1000 usd or are cheaper.
Now about the country.... In my opinion, a surprising combination of an advanced civilized country and absolutely unreal exotic nature. I basically was in Canberra, therefore I shall tell about this city.

Canberra tour - it is artificial the created city which has settled down on coast of artificial lake of a name of founder Berli Griffin. It has been constructed for the sake of reconciliation of SYDNEY NS and FLIGHT TO SYDNEYunsuccessfully competed for the right to be by capital of Australia. In tour of Canberra where yes you would not go, will leave on a beach.... Beaches, really, it is a lot of.. From them the most known MACKAY RICE and MELTON PARVATHI - here there to go it is necessary.

In the same center Tour of Canberra it is necessary to go to a place which refers to SYDNEY INDUSTRIAL REAL ESTATE. There is well-known Tour of Canberra NEWCASTLE JOURNAL

In general, to tell it is possible still long, but I think, BRISBANE WEATHER FORECAST and so it turns out already much. If you will have questions, write, I shall try to answer. And once again to all very much I advise to go to Australia Canberra accommodation and to present myself summer!

Friday, January 5, 2007

MySpace - 20.000 passwords stolen !

20.000 passwords results of one phishing

Phishing is a creation of similar sites with the purpose of reception of the confidential information and a robbery of trustful users.

Surprisingly as christmas countdown graphic myspace many people fall into clutches phishers. It would seem also preventions everywhere hang, and post clients show preventions, but all the same - people brings down and brings down clock countdown myspace wedding. However sometimes and phishing it can be useful.
In one fine day I have received the letter from with the request to pass under the reference and to enter the password for check. It was clear, that people entice my data from account MySpace. To please burglars I has entered it not true data. The pleasant fact for me became that in the catalogue where the script of processing laid, the file with the collected logins and passwords - about 20.000 pieces laid also! Certainly I download it and parsered it.
Results have seemed to me curious enough. Some myspace passwords were simply awful, the some people have simply chosen "password"! The Behaviour of people in the Network simply does not give in I understand... Results of my research are those.

Let's consider length of passwords:

Actually and all right with it, with long if passwords were in the different register. However the majority of the got passwords just stayed in the same register.
Do not use passwords containing a word myspace: myspace layout, myspace background, pimp myspace, 123 code myspace, myspace video, music myspace...

Further I have tested passwords on stability. For this purpose has written simple PHP a script:

function CheckPasswordStrength($password)
$strength = 0;
$patterns = array(’#[a-z]#’,'#[A-Z]#’,'#[0-9]#’, '/[¬!”£$%^&*()`{}\[\]:@~;\’#<>?,.\/\\-=_+\|]/’);
foreach($patterns as $pattern) {
if(preg_match($pattern,$password,$matches)) {
return $strength;

One spot is charged for letters in the bottom register, one more - for letters in the top register, one - for symbols and one for special simbols. For example, all my bank and post accounts receive four spots, passwords from forums and useless enough -three. It seems to me, it is true enough system of an estimation.

Well and at last special work has not made to define the most popular passwords.

13 - countdown cute myspace
12 - code countdown counter myspace
12 - baby clock countdown myspace
11 - banner countdown myspace
11 - countdown eve myspace new years
11 - countdown flash myspace
9 - birthday blog countdown myspace
9 - blingybob countdown myspace
8 - countdown graduation myspace
8 - blog countdown generator myspace
8 - countdown create myspace
8 - countdown myspace page
8 - countdown happy myspace new year
8 - countdown make myspace
8 - countdown myspace vacation
8 - countdown generator myspace timer
7 - countdown layout myspace
7 - blingy blob countdown myspace
7 - countdown myspace time
7 - birthday countdown myspace timer
7 - myspace music video
7 - myspace countdown custom
7 - countdown custom myspace

MySpace the beginnings the active policy of protection of own users after of some incidents, negative image affecting its authority. One of the steps undertaken by lawyers of the company, became removal of the prevention to two webmasters, thought up a smart code by means of which it is possible to trace, whether there is in a network this or that user MySpace.
It is necessary to note, that actions of lawyers have rendered a positive effect on businessmen who have understood, that thus they will not manage to achieve glory and money. Site which carried out functions of "monitor" of users MySpace .com, has been closed later ten days after its owners have received the written prevention.

For the services businessmen asked a symbolical payment from the registered users, thus, intending to receive profit due to the big number of clients of the service.

MySpace exaggerates quantity of the users

In the beginning of August on MySpace there was a significant event: the 100-million account has been registered. But in comments to this ne ws there were words about mythical « 100 million users ». But in fact it is absurdity.

MySpace — a social network with enough high "turnover of staff". People exchange myspace music , myspace video, myspace background, myspace editor, myspace layout.Therefore here the quantity of active users is much less, than 100 million Question: how much it is less. If to investigate successively certain sample of numbers ID even approximate researches show, that 17 % of identifiers are removed from system, into 31 % of accounts did not come never from the moment of their creation, and 18 more % of users came on a site rather for a long time. If to take only an audience for last week it makes only 34 % from total of accounts. If to consider a monthly audience this percent increases up to 43 %. In other words, in case of with MySpace from 100 million accounts only 34-43 million are active. Means, figures about quantity of users in press are exaggerated in 2,5-3 times.

Owners MySpace Web2.0, probably, know a true state of affairs, but they for the clear reasons prefer to use the overestimated figures. When it is a question of billions dollars figures of attendance get magic importance.