Friday, January 5, 2007

MySpace exaggerates quantity of the users

In the beginning of August on MySpace there was a significant event: the 100-million account has been registered. But in comments to this ne ws there were words about mythical « 100 million users ». But in fact it is absurdity.

MySpace — a social network with enough high "turnover of staff". People exchange myspace music , myspace video, myspace background, myspace editor, myspace layout.Therefore here the quantity of active users is much less, than 100 million Question: how much it is less. If to investigate successively certain sample of numbers ID even approximate researches show, that 17 % of identifiers are removed from system, into 31 % of accounts did not come never from the moment of their creation, and 18 more % of users came on a site rather for a long time. If to take only an audience for last week it makes only 34 % from total of accounts. If to consider a monthly audience this percent increases up to 43 %. In other words, in case of with MySpace from 100 million accounts only 34-43 million are active. Means, figures about quantity of users in press are exaggerated in 2,5-3 times.

Owners MySpace Web2.0, probably, know a true state of affairs, but they for the clear reasons prefer to use the overestimated figures. When it is a question of billions dollars figures of attendance get magic importance.

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